How It Works


Secure your date and time by calling 214-815-4261.


Once your date is secured, we will confirm the details by sending a terms of service for signature.


Confirmation of the party will usually be the day before or morning of. On the day of the party, we will just need an open space on the floor. This is the easiest location to have the activity. Please ensure the area is well ventilated, in particular during the summer. It can get very hot when working on the animals. If you wish to have the activity at a table, the table needs to be large enough for the cotton and for guests to reach the cotton.


The party leader may ask the hostess to write the names of the guests on the nighty night bags or provide a list of names for the leader. The party leader will only need a few minutes to set up. It is best that the guests allow her time to set up. Once the leader is set up, she will call for the birthday child and guests to sit in a circle on the floor. The activity begins at the scheduled time.


The leader will explain the “Rules of Stuffing.” The leader will introduce the animals and the birthday child and guests will choose their friend!


Cotton is placed in the middle of the floor and the stuffing begins! The activity takes roughly 45 minutes up to 1.5 hours, depending on the number of guests. Once the group is through the majority of the activity, they will make a promise to their new friend with a heart or star insert.


The leader will collect the animals and perform a ‘check-up.’ While you continue with your party, the leader will go through each animal to ensure it is perfect to go home and will lock the animal through the locking zipper. Once she has completed the ‘check-up’, the leader will place the animal in their nighty-night bag for your guests to take upon their departure!

Want To Plan a Birthday Party?

Speak to one of our party leaders to help plan your event!